Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

Buat Home Screen Android seperti iPhone dengan iLauncher

 Buat HP Android mu seperti iPhone dengan iLauncher GRATISS !!
iLauncher v2.1.7
OS yang diperlukan : 2.1++

- Smooth scrolling
- Icons have rounded corners and gloss effects.
- Long touch icons to move them around and position them as you like.
- Dock-bar
- Easily uninstall apps from your home screen.
- Press the back button to exit edit mode.
- Can change each application's name and icon
- Spotlight search
- Folders
- Shortcuts

What's in this version:
- Now Launcher Settings provides iOS style UI.
- Revived 'Animation on Resume', you can also turn it off in Launcher Settings.
- Several things have been improved internally.

More Info:
Code: Select all

Download Instructions:

Download from Directmirror.com


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